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Geomac Beo S


An evolution in survey and mapping industry

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Don't let the price fools you. Even with the basic package, it's a full-fledged mapping UAV capable of surveying up to 200 ha in a single mission, and with rapid mission turnaround, several consecutive missions in a day is highly possible. With it's very high image resolution (up to 5 cm / pixel) and can be operated even with 1 person, thanks to auto take off and auto landing capability, one can easily operate the SkySurveyor UAV even without flying skill background.

Integrated GPS, Compass, and IMU navigation system for precise positioning of the vehicle

900MHz Telemetry System provide real-time communication of up to 10 KM distance

Customized compartment room for all the electronics, sensor, and battery

1.6 meters wingspan with carbon reinforced tube for smooth and stable flight even in rough wind

Compact electric motor with very low noise

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Standard Specification (Included with every purchase)

- 1x Ready to use Geomac UAV with survey camera

- Up to 45 mins of air time

- Auto take off & auto landing

- Click & fly navigation

- Post mission analysis

- No flying skill required

- 1 Man operation enable

- Return to Home (RTH) fail safe setup

- Portable alloy UAV case

- Portable toolbox kit

- 3 Day free training for 2 person (accomodation not included)

Optional Feauture

- Camera upgrade 

- Portable catapult launcher

- Real time First Person Video (FPV) set

- Additional sensors

- Spare equipments

- Custom Sticker & Painting

- Post processing software



Sample Image (Click to Enlarge)

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SkySurveyor Lite Image 1
SkySurveyor Lite Image 2

Google Earth imagery over the same area

Google Earth Plotted Mission

Graph Post Mission Analysis

Easy & Intuitive Mission Planning

For flight demonstration, just fill the 'Contact Us' form below, or send e-mail directly to, you can just drop us a message using our phone number below.

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