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CHC P330 Long Range UAV

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Most advanced survey UAV to date

With 2.5 hours of flight time while carrying Sony 42 MP with Post Processing Kinematic (PPK) correction, CHC P330 UAV capable of surveying large area in single flight, producing very high resolution orthomosaic imagery with high accuracy.

Geomac P330.jpeg
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Standard Specification (Included with every purchase)

- 1x Ready to use P330 VTOL UAV with survey camera

- 2x UAV Battery and charger

- Up to 2.5 hours of air time

- Auto take off & auto landing

- Easy to operate

- Return to Home (RTH) fail safe setup

- Portable alloy UAV case

Optional Feautures

- LiDAR Payload (P330 Pro only)

- Spare equipments

- Custom Sticker & Painting

- Post processing software



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Sample Image (Click to Enlarge)

digitasi pulau harapan.jpg
sampel ortho 2.jpg
sample ortho 3.jpg
sample ortho 1.jpg

For flight demonstration, just fill the 'Contact Us' form below, or send e-mail directly to, you can just drop us a message using our phone number below.

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