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Daemeter – PT BWS Palm Plantation

UAV Survey for Daemeter – PT BWS Palm
Plantation Area for Plantation overall imagery,
tree counting, DEM, and contour
Date : Oct’18 – Nov’18
Flight Altitude : 350 m
Sensor : Sony a5100
Coverage : 10,000 Ha
GSD : 10 cm

Geomac Palm Plantaion UAV Survey
Geomac UAV Survey palm plantation

UAV Survey of Plam Plantation


UAV Survey of Palm Plantation


Using UAV as the latest remote sensing technology, you can benefit for various sensor such as hi-res mirrorless camera, NIR/multi-spectral camera, and FLIR camera to do a lot of things, all to increase productivity, and maximize profits.

Arjuna Sawit Palm Trees Monitoring Survey

UAV Survey for PT Arjuna Utama Sawit palm plantation assessment and monitoring.

Plant : Palm

Date : Sept'16
Flight Altitude : 200 m
Sensor : Canon S110
Coverage : 10,000 Ha
GSD : 10 cm


Geomac UAV Survey Palm Platation

UAV Survey of Plam Plantation

Geospace-GIZ Local Planter

Plantation Optimization Survey

UAV Survey for Geospace-GIZ palm plantation optimization for local planter using RBG and Multispectral Survey.

Plant : Palm

Date : Aug'19-Feb'20
Flight Altitude : 300 m
Sensor : Sony a5100, Micasense RedEdge-M
Coverage : 10,000 Ha
GSD : 5 cm (RGB), 20 cm (Multispectral)


Geomac UAV Survey Palm Plantation

UAV Survey of Plam Plantation

Makarti RGB UAV Survey

Makarti RGB Hi-Res Orthomosaic

Makarti NDVI.JPG

Makarti Plant Health Map Based on NDVI Index

Makarti Tree Counting.JPG

Makarti Palm Tree Counting

Makarti DEM.JPG

Makarti 0.5m Digital Elevatio Model (DEM)

Makarti Tree Height.JPG

Makarti Average Palm Height Map

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