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Heavy vehicles, logistics, underwater robots, or any other moving asset can be tracked via telemetry radio (land) or acoustic signal (underwater) in real-time, to ensure your project as accurate as possible to the design.

Land Positioning Support
Land positioning support can be used on heavy vehicles tracking, cranes, and other moving asset .


Offshore Positioning Support


We offer both sea surface and subsea positioning support. Sea surface positioning surface commonly used to track various kind of vessels, tug boats, small vessel, and platform using GNSS signal as the source and relay it to the base station.

Subsea positioning support utilise low frequency acoustic signal, commonly called Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) to track position of divers, ROVs, pipeline, or any other submerged underwater object, real-time.





With up to centimeter accuracy and flexible deployment, there are a lot of areas our positioning support service can fit your project, such as (but not limited to) :


Oil and Gas Exploration

Rig and barge positioning support, Tug Management System (TMS)


Mining, Plantation and Construction

Heavy vehicles monitoring in construction and exploration for better and easier project management


Offshore Positioning Support

Platform and any other offshore structures installation support

Pipelay positioning support

ROV / Diver positioning support

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