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Wide area, multi-purpose image, and reliable, are some of the benefits of remote sensing survey. Derived from earth-orbiting satellite or from low-flying UAV, each with their own advantage to help you get the bigger image, and execute the project with confident. 

Satellite-Derived Mapping


Utilising various imagery from ASTER, ALOS, Landsat, or Quickbird, satellite imagery covers wide area in sub-meter resolution and accuracy, and can be further processed based on what you needs.


UAV Survey


State-of-the-art remote sensing survey, utilising GPS-guided, autonomous flying and photo triggering, ensure your data cloud free with less than 10cm accuracy and available anytime. Our in house built AUV capable of covering 100ha in a single flight (about 1hrs) and with quick mission turnaroud, it can be repeated several times in a day.




With rapid data acquisition and processed by our experts, there're endless possibilities of UAV's remote sensing survey, such as (but not limited to) :


Property and Land Development

Creation of Digital Surface Model (DSM) and Digital Terrain Model (DTM) to examine an area for plannning purpose


Mining and Plantation

Detail area mapping to examine the site's condition and future planning



Public, Goverment, and Research 

With having a two images of an area with different time, one can detect any differences in that area, wheter it's a land use conversion, river erosion, changes in infrastructures and buildings, vegetations, disaster impact area, and so on, the list can just continue as far as your imagination goes



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