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Geomac Skywalker VTOL


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Fly Anywhere.

Our state-of-the-art UAV, capable of vertically Take Off and Landing, so you can use the UAV anywhere you want, bring you closer to the survey area. Eliminating the need to find a ridiculously huge open space.

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Standard Specification (Included with every purchase)

- 1x Ready to use Fixed Wing UAV with survey camera

- 1x UAV Battery and charger

- Up to 40 mins of air time

- Auto take off & auto landing

- Click & fly navigation

- Post mission analysis

- Easy to operate

- 1 Man operation enable

- Return to Home (RTH) fail safe setup

- Portable alloy UAV case

- Portable toolbox kit

Optional Feautures

- Real time First Person Video (FPV) set

- Additional sensors

- Spare equipments

- Custom Sticker & Painting

- Post processing software



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Sample Image (Click to Enlarge)

SkySurveyor Lite Image 1
SkySurveyor Lite Image 2

Google Earth imagery over the same area

Google Earth Plotted Mission

Graph Post Mission Analysis

Easy & Intuitive Mission Planning

For flight demonstration, just fill the 'Contact Us' form below, or send e-mail directly to, you can just drop us a message using our phone number below.

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