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HSE Policy

Geomac is fully committed to address the work as safe and as efficient as possible. Our culture encourage everyone to have safety consciousness everytime and everywhere, inside and outside the job. We must always remind ourself that unwanted occurrence can happen anytime without warning.


With having safety consciousness, one can watch himself and his surrounding, not taking shortcut, and think before act to avoid any reckless things which result unnecessary incident.


Geomac HSE Slogan

Teleconference study with Gadjah Mada University

 Imam (bottom right) as guest lecturer giving presentation about offshore Rig Move to Geomatics Department's students, Gadjah Mada University

First Aid Training

First Aid Training


CSR has been part of us, even before Geomac itself formally begun. We actively giving lecture about professional survey and mapping for Geodesy/Geomatics student in universities. Our CSR program mainly focus about growth and development of survey and mapping towards better Indonesia, and world in general. Some of our CSR program are :


1. Fully support the researches related to survey and mapping industry, whether it's by a single person, group or University.


2. Using local contents as much as feasible, start from the equipments, the technology, and the manpower.


3. Actively reducing the carbon footprints and unnecessary waste in every activities.


4. Provide a positive, comfortable, and encouraging working environment for our employees.

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