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From transitional zone survey to geophysical site survey utilising various sensors, there are a lot of flexibility of services that we offer which can be tailored specific to what you need.

Bathymetry Survey


Utilising Single Beam Echosounder and / or Multi Beam Echosounder, we provide seafloor depth and contour. The measured water depth then overlayed with the desired tide to make it more realistic.

Geophysical Survey


With Side Scan Sonar (SSS) added beside the echosounder, it is possible to observe a more detailed seafloor condition, such as dragged anchor marks, wrecks, and other finer objects. Sub-bottom Profiler gives you capability to examine further beneath the seafloor surface. With all the mentioned sensors combined, we provide a complete 'image' of the seafloor which can be used for wide range of applications.

Coastal / Transition Zone Survey


Our coastal / transitinal zone survey combine the best of both side, utilising our specialised UAV for rapid and cost efficient transition zone survey and combined with SBES/MBES survey to extend the seabed coverage if desired.

Pre / Post Engineering Survey


Precise and accurate positioning is important to any offshore construction support. With provide survey service for offshore platform installation, breakwater construction, and other offshore construction works.



Below are some of the applications of our service in bathymetry survey :


Offshore Construction Works

Bathymetry Survey combined with tidal measurement for port development and maintenance

Transitional zone survey for coastal engineering works and developments

Subsea clearance survey to detect any debris, hazards, and any other objects before engineering

Pre-engineering survey to examine seabed condition for construction planning

Post-engineering survey to evaluate the result of an engineering work


Navigation Route Survey

Bathymetry survey for ship and barge navigation route in nearshore or inland water


Infrastructure Maintenance

Bathymetry survey to calculate the volume and heap in a lake or dam


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