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"With our UAV wide range of application in survey and civil engineering, surely there are some of our service which can help you execute your civil engineering projects better than expected." 





With UAV survey, you can map the future exploration site with high resolution rapidly for a better site development's planning. Whether you're building, roads, dams, irigation, or land development, surveying with UAV can save much time compared to conventional terrestrial survey





Using our state of the art, hi-res UAV to capture the site daily progress quickly, so you can know what's done, what's need enhancement, and plan the next step perfectly.


You can also do volume calculation in trenching and excavation much quicly compared to conventional terrestrial survey



Some of the application of using UAV in maintenance survey are:

  • Spot any damages, holes in roads and train's rail

  • Survey the land use near the river or dams to prevent any future conflict

  • Survey if there's any change of river flow

  • and much more. There are much that can be done and a lot of other possibilities. And it's good to remember, you can do this survey whenever you want with relatively low cost

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