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A land-based survey utilising equipments such as Geodetic grade GPS, Electronic Total Station, and Survey Level to obtain any spatial attributes anywhere on the earth surface. Accurates up to milimeter level.

Geomac GPS Survey
Topography Survey


A survey activity used to gather data about vertical and horizontal alignment, elevation, contour and other topographic properties in an area. The data can be further processed to calculate volume, cut and fill, planning, and other related purpose. Topography Survey includes (but not limited to) :


- Topography Survey and Bench Mark and Control Point Network


- Polygon Network Survey

- Detail Engineering Design (DED) Survey

- Stake Out Survey

- Levelling Survey

- Cut and Fill Survey


Geomac GPS Survey


A GNSS-based survey using Geodetic grade survey equipment to monitor the land subsidence, deformation, and infrastructure/building movement. Accurate to milimeter level. 



Geomac GPS Survey

Dimensional Control Survey and 3D

Laser Scanning


An Electronic Total Station and/or 3D Laser Scanner based survey to generate 3D images / point clouds of a platform, building, or other structures to observe the shape and dimension accurately. 



Geomac GPS Survey
Construction / Civil Engineering Survey


A survey activity which has special purpose to help civil engineering works, starts from pre-engineering (reconaissance) survey, horizontal and vertical alignment survey, stake out, and other custom survey based on project needs.  It can be utilised from project planning, engineering works, until products maintenance. 




There a wide array of application from Terrestrial Survey data, such as (but not limited to) :


Civil and Construction Engineering

The vertical and horizontal alignment, and stake out survey for development of infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc) and maintenance 

3D Laser Scanning survey for construction engineering (ships, building, and other large infrastructure)



Detailed terrestrial survey for property planning and development, terrestrial survey for building maintenance



Monitor your site exploration cut/fill and, and other terrestrial survey services to keep your daily production smooth


Public Sector and Goverment

Geomonitoring for study of land subsidence, deformation, and earth crust movement.

Land border control point establishment between cities/district



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