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Geomac Survey
Terrestrial - Airborne - Offshore

Geomac provide state-of-the-art Survey, Mapping, and Geospatial Information services. Using our dedicated Aircraft, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Laser Scanners, and Geodetic GNSS, we're capable of carrying LiDAR sensor, hi-res RGB camera, Multispectral camera, and thermal camera (FLIR).

We also produce long-range electric UAV (50 mins of flight time), multicopters, Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) UAV and served various clients across industries such as plantation, forestry, mining, infrastructure planning and feasibility study, oil and gas, and other purpose-driven projects.

Just contact us to explore what can our team do to maximize output, increase efficiency, and reduce cost for your projects.

Survey & Civil Engineering 

Plantation & Agriculture


Disaster Relief

Education &


GIS & Spatial Planning

Environmental Protection

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About Us

Get to know deeper
about Geomac

Learn more about our story, key personnel, our vision, and what drives us to push the limit on this business.


Learn about our UAV, and why you should choose us

Explore our UAV specifications, capabilities, and price. All of our UAVs will be real-world flight checked before delivered to customers.


Your Industry

Some examples of industry which can utilise our UAVs, and see if you have other possibilities

Infrastructure construction, mining, and plantation are just few industries which use our UAVs. Whether you're on private or govt sector, there might be something we that can help.


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