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Below is the estimated price of our Drone/UAVs and services. Please note that price may vary due to parts/team availability, project location, tax, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Geomac Beo S Fixed Wing UAV : IDR 60,000,000

Geomac Beo L Fixed Wing UAV : IDR 80,000,000

Geomac Beo XL Fixed Wing UAV : IDR 85,000,000

Geomac Beo Skywalker Fixed Wing UAV : IDR 90,000,000

Geomac Talon VTOL UAV : IDR 100,000,000

Geomac Skywalker VTOL UAV : IDR 100,000,000

Geomac MX-1 Quadcopter UAV : IDR 60,000,000

RTK GPS Set (Base+Rover) : IDR 15,000,000




PPK GPS Set (Base+Rover) : IDR 52,000,000

PPK Rover only : IDR 15,000,000

RGB UAV Survey : Starts from IDR 10,000/Ha*

RGB + Multispectral UAV Survey : Starts from IDR 20,000/Ha*

UAV LiDAR Survey : Starts from IDR 1,500,000/day**

Trimble Geodetic GPS Rental : Starts from IDR 1,000,000/day

GPS Control Point Survey : Starts from IDR 1,000,000/point

*Minimum 5,000 Ha, in Java island, transportation and accomodation is NOT included

**Minimum 30 Ha

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